Official Trailer

Produced by Elijah Gromalski

Directed by Justine Sophia

Cinematography by Ryan Abdelnour


Featuring Helena, Claudio and Matheo Villagra

All over the globe, families now face a harsh reality as the world reels under classism and external chaos.

First-time mothers are not only dealing with the uncertainty and fear brought on by the events of 2020,

but are also coping with losses, tragedies, wars and poverty.

This film is an ode to these families undergoing multiple hardships and the children facing such trepidation.


The threats of the outside world juxtaposed to the innocence and purity

of the newborn soul is a theme that dominates the film.

This film is about engendering hope in the endangered world that we must now survive in.

What kind of world can we re-imagine for the next seven generations to come?

Such is the embryonic moment that this mother is tossed into, when she must also give birth to her new sense of self. 


It has been said that the mother is God in the eyes of a child,

so then maybe if we listen to the words of our mother’s then we can hear the voice of God.