A Message to the Womb

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Mother: Heather Christie McCoy

Third Trimester

My Dearest Child,

I can’t tell you how your life will unfold. All I can say is how loved you already are, and will always be. Your father and I have been calling you into our lives and clearing the space for you over the span of a few years now. But really, I have been connecting with you for much longer than that. I have been calling to you along the painted skies of sunsets over the ocean when I’m visited by the truth of my divine purpose. To nurture the life that you will lead is absolutely a part of that purpose I am called to do in this lifetime.

I will never promise to be perfect, but I will be the most perfectly human self I can be, to let you know the imperfect nature of life is but a reflection of the love and inner beauty that you bring to any situation. I will do everything in my power to always support your highest calling and your greatest truth, no matter how different that may be from my own.

My biggest wish for you is that you be HAPPY. With so much of the world to fear/fret/argue about, I can’t tell you it will be an easy world to inherit. But you are coming into this human plane at this time for a reason, I fully trust that. And whatever your purpose may be in this lifetime, I will be here by your side as you figure it out, my love. Your Dad and I are so excited to meet you. Bless the passage for you on your way earthside. I love you. You have already changed and transformed me in ways I could never have known, and I know this is just the beginning. For that I thank you. I am here for you to guide. I’m listening. Every kick in my belly you make, I feel your body getting stronger and your soul already so strong. I’m so excited for our journeys in this life together. Bless you, my baby.

Love, your Mama ~ your Mother

Heather Christie McCoy


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