A Springtime Birth

Mother: Roxanne Ruby

Child: Azani (Born March 2022)

A letter to our Son,

To carry you, to be a vessel for you, is the greatest joy my heart has known. Your life was sparked in the divine darkness through prayer and filled with love and trust. The medicine which you are has already brought transformation to a world in need of great healing.

While I am excited to witness and support any of the possible paths and passions you may choose to follow, simply the blessing of life continuing forward is a gift. You are the legacy of life itself, the first born in my lineage and our family.

Your father and I honored to welcome you into our arms, filling our hearts and fulfilling the law of origin.

Your essence is strong as you dance in my belly. It is clear, you chose us as your portal into this world at a very specific moment in time. Already we have traveled to nine countries as a family, and you have heard the songs and stories of many cultures, a blanket of tradition and wisdom covers you, warming your spirit wherever you go.

I bow to your courage for coming incarnate during such times as these. Your arrival gives me a force of dedication and the blessing of hope.

During your gestation, I have come to realize that while I have done all I can to prepare for your arrival in life, it is actually your arrival that is preparing me for life and all that is to come on the road ahead.

Your entry into existence is surely the greatest initiation I could ever imagine.

Your name, we gave to you because, like lightning, you came quickly from heaven and like the ocean, you carry great depth and power.

You already have brought much beauty and healing to the people and like your father, you move with a mission.

Sweet one, you carry our love and prayers with you always. We are devoted to being the best we can be for you and are open and open ourselves to receive the teachings you are bringing from the stars.

You are an ancient one, here to live a life of your own creation, with our eternal love and service.

Te amo, mi querido

See you soon

(Photo credit by Alyssa Keys Photo)

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