Inspiration Behind the Film

Mother: Helena

Child: Matheo (Born 2020)

My Son,

The world stopped and you were born. You chose to come at this very chaotic and unique moment. A moment of change and reflection for all of humanity. This makes you special.

Myself, and so many other mothers who had our children in the time of quarantine, have lived through these months with heavy hearts. We are the mothers of the pandemic.

I look at you, and at the same time I feel an infinite joy. I ask myself over and over again, what world will I leave for you?

What legacy will we leave for your generation? Outside everything is so confused and violent. There is so much uncertainty and insecurity in the air. We are all contaminated with fears and uncertainties. I have inside of me fear and faith. Hope and pain. Silence and tears. I have inside of me invisible feelings and a cry that is for everything and everyone but that nobody hears.

Being your mother I realized science is totally wrong in saying that we only have five senses. For with you, I discovered my sixth sense, seventh, eighth and many other senses more.

I learned to use my instincts and intuitions to disconnect from everything to connect with my essence.

Blood of my blood. Flesh of my flesh. I am part of you, and you are the best part of me.

My son, Generating you in my womb, being your element of food is something so transformative and powerful that it totally modified my priorities and my vision of the world.

Your life changed mine.

You were born and I was reborn from you.

Thank you for existing and making me exist in a different way.

You opened my soul's eyes, you transformed me into a stronger, more generous and more humble being.

With you I learned the true meaning of the word LOVE.

You made me forgive and forget remorse from the past to live intensely in the present and imagine a future full of sweetness and hope.

Because of you I transported all the limits of pain and dedication that I knew. I learned to pray with an intensity that I did not imagine could exist and I understood what purity is when I heard your smile for the first time.

I love being your mother at every single instant.

Protecting you is my mission but being isolated with you is what saves me from all the insanity that surrounds us.

Thank you for being my calm on stormy days.

I dance with you to make you sleep and so are so full of life and peace that by holding you in my arms I feel time stop… and I forget the wounds of the world.

You are a son of Tango.

Having embraced your father in this beat brought you into the world.

Dancing generated your life and that is why I strongly believe inside of me that LOVE and ART are the two pillars that can lead humanity to better days.

Grow up son, grow up

But don't rush, the way is long and I need to feel slowly that every day you depend a little less on me.

Until the day you are ready to spread your wings and fly.

Fly high my son, with faith and without fear. Let the wind care all your fears and leave only hope in your heart.

My little giant, my reason, my why and for what.

I love you today and always.

Infinitely and unconditionally.

In this and in all my lives.

- Mama

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